Paper, banner or fabric?

широкоформатная печать

Paper, banner or fabric?

In outdoor advertising, printing on fabrics is gradually replacing printing on paper. This concerns a wide variety of advertising media: firewalls, city-formats and even billboards. The arguments are obvious: the hard copy on a billboard could hardly save its marketable state for at least a month in winter, in summer the conditions for paper advertising are not better as well- wind, rain, sun, etc. The fabric, of course, is not perdurable, but, certainly, it is more hardwearing, than the paper. During the snowiest, wet, cold winter, under the most unfavorable conditions, the fabric billboard would stay at its original form for at least a month. During this period, it would not become burned out, warped, or broken.

Printing on fabric cites against solvent printing on PVC banners, due to a number of advantages: the banner is heavier, than the fabric, with a probable better durability, it is having increased windage, it «stiffens» in the cold, and the PVC, which the banner is made from, is toxic. In Europe, due to the state policy, PVC banners and solvent printing are giving place to the technologies, which are less harmful to the environment, so the fabrics are gradually gaining widespread recognition on the premises.

The advertising on the fabric even looks better! It looks more naturally and fits the interior well; it is closer to the objects of nature, and therefore fits organically in outdoor advertising. The images on the fabric are having bright and animated look. Furthermore, small bruises, which are noticeable on paper, are not normally seen on polyester fabric.

Another feature of the fabric, which is rarely considered, is the freedom in the creation of forms and volumes.

Traditionally, the creation of advertising, whether it is the overwire hanger, firewall or the mobile stand, is displayed on the flatness. The idea of creating three-dimensional images is rarely considered. However, after all, only with the help of the material’s texture, more voluminous and deeper images would be made. Thus, when using more intensive tautness or, conversely, the sagging, varied solutions could be obtained. The richest blue-sky thinking in this direction could be found at the indoor-design. For example, the ceiling at the sales area could be made out of the fabric, which would sway by means of electrical air blower machine. If, in addition, a suitable image would be printed on the fabric, the ceiling would look like the sky. When you use imagination, it is possible to display almost everything by printing it on fabric.

So, if all of the banner and paper ads would be changed into fabric, the result would be more easily, practical, beautiful and only slightly more expensive.

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